Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Holy Scale Surprise, Batman!

Yesterday I was talking about how I didn't know if I was going to go and weigh in or not today. Well I decided this morning that I was going to do it. I needed to take the bad with the good and maintain accountability for whatever the scale shows.

I was totally expecting the scale to show a gain, or at the minimum, a maintain. I had a 3.2 loss! I don't know how it happened, I don't know why it happened, I definitely don't feel like I caused it to happen! I think it was just some weird blip in the cosmos or something...the planets were aligned just so...or I had inadvertently slipped into a twilight zone episode, taking me into a 2-week black hole where I worked on losing that amount of weight. However it happened, it is what it is, and that loss put me at the 25+ loss mark. I got my 25-lb. magnet, and I am now officially 20 lbs. away from the top end of my WW goal weight.

It feels so good to have that loss, esp. since it wasn't expected. Why is that anyways...when you expect a good loss, it may not be so good, but when you expect a bad gain, it sometimes isn't even a gain? I just know that the loss has given me a boost to have a great week. I am going to start packing my lunches for work again. I am going to commit to make it back to the gym at least 3 days this week, walk at home at least 3, and start doing some home-based activity. I would like to get back into doing my Pilates DVD at home. When I did it before I really felt a difference; like I had this great strength deep in my stomach...or...the Core!

So this activity should be no problem to get in...my hubby starts his work "season" about now. He'll be working from 6am to dusk/nightfall, so about 7:30-8pm. It will be this way until around mid/late-May, and then starting again around late July to October. It's crazy; I'm used to it and am fine with it. I'm more concerned now that we have Avery. I think he will have a harder time dealing with not seeing her so much. There will be days when he won't see her at all...she'll be sleeping when he leaves and when he gets home. Having her has definitely made him re-assess what he's doing for a living; he hopes to get into a more family-friendly job at some point in time. For now, it pays the bills and allows me to work part time. Alright, off subject but life isn't all about weight loss!

Colorful Tuesday!

Woke up to a beautiful day today and by late afternoon...the time for our walk...it got nasty windy! Dust blowing everywhere...and we are surrounded by fields. Yuck. Tomorrow the forecast calls for some rain, so hopefully it will be in the morning, and not too much to make the dirt we walk on too muddy. We shall see!

Had a great eating day today. I have a mini goal for myself to get more "color" in my day...in my fruits and veggies. The more colorful you eat the more nutrients you are getting in, and what can be bad about that! Plus it will get me outside the box of frozen veggies and apples that I live in. Here is a link for a great article.

nf iced mocha (3)
hi-fiber homemade cranberry muffin (1)
apple (1) ... okay, this was before I went shopping for my colors!

Lean Cuisine ravioli bowl (4)
Oil (1)
Yogurt (1)

Snack before hitting grocery:
1/2 serving cinnamon Puffins cereal, dry (.5)

Kashi cereal w/ blueberries (3)
1/2 milk (1)

Chicken w/ roasted veggies (4)
All Bran garlic & herb crackers (2) SO GOOD! You get 18 for 2pts., 5 grams of fiber, and they are full of flavor! They kick butt over the South Beach crackers I've been eating! Topped with 1/4 avocado and laughing cow garlic/herb cheese (3).

So no walk today. I am still working on my water; I'm at 64oz now, still want to get in another 32. For my color today, I got 1-red, 1-blue, and a mix of green, yellow, white, and more red; that pretty much covers the fruit/veggie color scale! Not bad for my first day's attempt!

Happy Hump-Day!

Yea, it's Wednesday, the day before my favorite day of the week...Thursday. Seriously. I love Thursdays. It's my "social" day. All morning is what we call "vendor" day...we fix equipment and braces for our patients with our equipment vendors, but most of the time it's about gabbing and laughing. We have a great time together and it's a great release! Then, I have bowling in the evening, which is just an extension of my social time. I take Avery, she loves it and everyone loves seeing her. Then I drop her off down the lanes to her grandma and grandpa who also happen to bowl the same night...so I get some "me" time with my friends. Unfortunately, we're at the end of season so there's only 1-2 nights left...boohoo. Oh well, August will come soon enough.

Today was another good day on plan! My color wheel wasn't as colorful as yesterday, but I still did well!

Western Bagel (1)
Eggbeaters (1)
NF iced mocha (3)

1/2 pink grapefruit (1)

Lean Cuisine Mediterranean Chicken (4)
Mixed veggies
WW yogurt (1)

All Bran crackers (2)
1 pc. chocolate espresso candy(1)
FF pringles (2)...had munchies!

Dinner (out to eat):
Dinner salad w/ balsamic vin. dressing (2)
Baked chicken stuffed w/ broccoli (5)
5 bites plain baked potato (1)
Corn (1)
1/2 bread (1)

Night snack:
'nuked apple w/ cinnamon (1)

Drank a good 96+ oz. water today. No activity in yet again...I will get that back in soon. So for my colors, I got in 2-red, 2-green, 1-yellow, and then some mixed greens/reds. No blues or whites today...well, if you call my 5 bites of potato white, then okay.

...American Idol interruption...
It is about fricken' time that Sanjaya is GONE! (and he just forgot the lyrics to his final song! Okay, Now we can get on with this competition!!!

Okay, just had to get that out! C-ya'll later!!

Nine lives? Dear kitty-cat:

I'm very very sorry your life ended today. I'm hoping you weren't somebody's pet, but since you were in a business area I'm guessing you might have been stray. When you ran out into the street I had no time to stop, my reaction was just to scream and hope that you would make it somehow. Then I knew, and there was nothing I or anyone else could do. I hope I didn't cut short your 9th-life, and you will be back to chase some mice and play with a ball of yarn. Otherwise, may there be plenty of catnip and tuna waiting for you in kitty-heaven.

My sincere apologies, Amy

Okay, so now you have a picture of my lunch hour today. Man, it sucked. THAT will teach me to forget my lunch on the kitchen counter. Seriously. It wouldn't have happened if I had remembered to bring it, and didn't go out to get something to eat. Geez, I'm glad I got a healthy salad. I would hate to think of the repercussions if I had gotten a cheeseburger and fries! Anyways, besides the aforementioned, it was a good day...

nf iced mocha
cinnamon puffins cereal, dry


Lunch (Quiznos):
Chicken salad w/ basalmic vin. dressing
1 choc. peppermint

apple 'nuked w/ cinnamon

Salad w/ balsamic vin. spray
1 pc. pepperoni pizza

Water so far today: 72oz, working on more still.

Quiznos has these flatbread salads. There are scrumpscious, but loaded with calories, and an estimated 9-16 pts. per salad. What I do is order the Chicken cesaer, but get blue cheese instead of the Italian blend, on the side. I LOVES me some blue cheese! It's strong so I sprinkle 2 pts. worth on top. On a side note, Quiznos SUCKS for witholding their nutritional information. I mean, what are they trying to hide? There are plenty of people out there that don't give a hoot what they eat so sales will not decline enough to make a dent, and health conscious people will just order differently, not at all. Okay, off the soapbox!

I hope I am not plagued with kitty-nightmares tonite!


Both yesterday and today I've had great on-track days. Looking forward to a loss at weigh in tomorrow; I can feel it!

Today's menu:
Lazy Sunday, didn't eat but hubby went to Starbucks and I had a iced mocha...vent about this is following...

Chicken salad w/ feta and balsamic dressing spray

Afternoon snacks:
Apple w/ 1 TBSP peanut butter
All Bran crackers w/ Laughing Cow cheese wedge
1 piece chocolate espresso candy

Chicken salad w/ raspberries, tomatoes and balsamic drsg spray

To be decided; 2 pts. worth

I've got 72oz. in already and am working on my next 24-48oz.

So my vent about my iced mocha. My dear hubby, I love him to death but sometimes he gets under my skin, especially when it comes to my food orders! I would say about 75% of the time, he gets it wrong. He knows I get my iced mochas non-fat, without whipped cream. Usually, when you go to SB's, if you order something n-f, they will NOT put whipped cream on unless you ask for it. I always tell him, when they hand you the drink, just ask and verify that it is n-f, even if it is marked on the cup. Well, he comes back and hands it to me, and says, "they put w.c. on it, but it's non-fat". Well, it wasn't marked "N" for n-f on the cup, and it tasted whole. I asked him if he was sure, and he said that when they handed it to them they said "n-f iced mocha". Well, whatever. I scooped off the whipped cream as much as possible, and drank about 2/3 of it.

I know he intends well, but I also know he doesn't think it's that big of a deal if it non-fat, whole, or that it has whipped cream on it. He doesn't think it's a big deal if a sandwich has mayo on it, or cheese, or if my side was french fries instead of the fruit I requested. I am really trying to spend my points wisely, and we're talking about a drink for 10 points vs. 5! That's double!! It's very frustrating, and even though getting the order wrong may very well not be his fault, I really wish he could double check things. I feel like I pay for an order to be the way I request it, and if it's wrong it should be corrected. He's believes that when something is returned at a restaurant, it comes back to you with spit in it! I don't think I have known him to ever send something back. I will without hesitation. Anyways, just a pet peeve about my otherwise wonderful hubby!

This week's weigh-in results tomorrow!


Last night was w-i, and while I was expecting and feeling a certain loss, the scale showed a .8 gain. All I can say is "whatever"...I had a great on-track week and hopefully it's just due to the dreaded TOM I am finishing up. It really sucks when you did really well and the numbers don't show it. It's all part of this journey, though...yadda yadda yadda...blah, blah, blah. Still sucks.

That's all for now...short and sweet but I want to get my meals planned out for the week. Cuz ya know what they say "fail to plan and you plan to fail"!...yadda yadda yadda.

Holy Shit! She's back!

Yes, it's true...I am still alive. I don't know what's come over me to not blog for well over a month now. I know how disappointed I get sometimes when I go to someone's blog and there's nothing new to read for days on end, and here I did it for a long-ass time!

I have had family after family visiting lately, and cakes that needed to get done. Not to mention my little baby turned a big ONE in May! This is her bday party at her daycare. The cake I made is actually a "cupcake" cake. This past year really has gone by fast. Wish my weight came off as quickly as the year's gone by, but I am still down from my pre-pg weight.

I have been hovering right around 175 now for awhile. Just like the last time I hit around this weight...up and down the same 2 pounds. I haven't been to WI in the last 2 weeks...due to the Memorial Day holiday and a fish tank water explosion (don't ask!). I thought WI tonite was going to be really awful. It's sad when you get excited about a gain of 1.4 pounds! I totally thought I was in for at least a 2+ gain.

Anyways...this is short and sweet but just wanted to let my those that are still checking in that I am indeed still around! I will begin posting more regulary...I promise!